Twitter Growth Hack Tips

Twitter is fastest platform for sharing thoughts and ideas within few seconds. Twitter Growth Hacking is something you never dealt with but you have listened by some great Twitter Users.

What is Growth Hacks?

Growth Hacks are shortcuts provided to you by twitter community to engage more users and followers to become a trendsetter or influencer. The hacks more depicts what you should do get more people read your tweets, more people engage with your product, or some piece of information and keep connected with you more. Growing Twitter user is always have a list of people to follow whom he thought might get him more followers or more number of likes for his tweets.

What is REAL Growing in Twitter?

Growing in Twitter means to show and conquer your audience to connect with them so if you say “hello” tweet it at Twitter many people will say “your name hello”, some might retweet or like your tweet. Engaging True Audience of more in Less Time is growing in Twitter.

What growth hacks you should do to achieve a great audience base?

You would know various Hacks like Twitter analytics tools Hootsuite, BufferApp etc. Do you know how to use them? Probably No I think. Therefore, I made few things simpler for you to get easily, more accurately your audience in less time.

  1. Tweet, which is made of an image, targeted content, a link optional and a hashtag, get 77%more engagements by the audience.
  2. Profile Picture matters should be not only good but great picture and check if it fits correctly 100%.
  3. Re tweet the Great Tweets by influencer so it depicts you are providing your audience great content.
  4. Like Tweets that your audience has tweeted to build trust.
  5. Follow back people who follows you.
  6. Make a list of people in your niche that are relevant keep a watch what they tweet.
  7. Timing is one of the most important factor whether your tweet would be retweeted, liked or only saw by followers or audience.
  8. Follow more people and search them using Twitter App.
  9. Do your tweet a three times edit before twitting, as it matters a lot.
  10. Make an objective and make tweets according to it.
  11. Do tweet 3 times a day if not then once a day is most important.
  12. Follow new people whenever you saw they are interested in same topic as you are in.
  13. If want to make a Plan then make it for a week not a month.
  14. Tweet about you most important.
  15. Build a Trust between who follows you and keep them engage in your tweets.
  16. Show you creditability by posting new interesting tweets.
  17. Make good images or have great ones before posting tweet.
  18. Re tweets the most interesting tweets in your niche.
  19. Reply your messages regularly.
  20. Pin up the greatest tweets of you at your profile page.
  21. Give your link in your profile bio.
  22. Using hashtag is now becoming more booming thing so use appropriately.
  23. Your profile pic is always circular keep your profile pic fit to size so it doesn’t cut on circular size
  24. Read all these and give us more tips if you have any more.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed a little piece of information that can change the way you handle tweets at Twitter.

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