About Us

We are the team of technical enthusiast working for better free information and development in the marketing era in field through website.

We first made an attempted at the blogger site writing blogs that are very useful in nature ,they become 200 visitor per day .We spent 1 year blogging and sharing links of other site and made an Alexa rank of 65k though we know only little Seo that time so at the end of the year we saw a declined visitor to 10 visitor per day .We couldn’t find a solution though we read google Seo basics we were not able to gather it again that and we saw declined and Alexa rank in few months declined and our visitor though.

Then we agreed that some problem is there we found big mistake in keywords used as there search presence declined visitor became less active and hence drop in visitor as they not able to get through. Then we did 2-3 years Website SEO, Google Adwords, SEM,Facebook and all social media management to get enough of the knowledge, researched for keywords, content management, analytics management.

We also did WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Websites, Html, Css, Javascript, technical in development Java, Asp.net.

We are here to share thoughts on the latest topics in internet marketing, websites, digital marketing, ecommerce, SEO-search engine optimization, SEM-search engine marketing, SMM-social media marketing, SMO-social media organization, google ranking, google indexing, Google Adwords, google keyword, keyword analysis, Facebook page, Facebook adverts, twitter, twitter ads, RSS, SEO tools, SEO Campaigns, SEO linking, Linking Stratergy, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin , Youtube, Youtube Monetization, PPC Campaings, Link Building, SEO stratergy and more to follow.

Join Us today for new era to be continued…