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Social Commerce

Social Commerce is the new buzz in Online Marketing as the name suggest Social Commerce depicts interfacing Social Media with E-commerce platform to pitch product demand at correct time. All talked about in Social Commerce can be considered as part of online marketing strategies to boost sales and strategies to new platforms for both online selling and payment collections gateways. Product scenes to be pitched w.r.t account details, cookies and friend purchases on social commerce using individual or group social media accounts.

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Social networks have become marketplaces for shoppers. They daily check their accounts in FacebookInstagram and Twitter for their next online purchase. Some marketers says social media doesn’t sell brands but use their platform as open channel for the advertisement or direct trading instead opening seller’s marketplace like Amazon, E-bay. Consumers are not yet able to buy all products directly in social media world, they are using brands pages to buy products. There are about more than 50% who buys using this model of commerce.

This Social Media E-commerce has opened a vast platform for plugins, widgets to be introduced on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. Criteria for showcasing the products on same way as more derived or scaled products by the account owner or contact list. Product displayed as an Advertisement simultaneously and you can click ‘Buy Now’ Button to make payments and enter delivery details and all is done. Product delivered to doorstep. This Social Commerce trend shall give direction competition to seller’s Apps and is expected to boost sales faster and make online purchasing safe along width more efficient approach.

Social Media researches show that the most preffered social media is Facebook for purchasing with the buyers after that is Twitter and Instagram. Sales results of many advertisers show that this trend of Social Commerce is gaining popularity in 5 years and with open channel for advertiser in Instagram, Facebook ,Twitter, Google+ and Snapshat soon will a boom to marketplace of Social Aspect i.e Social Commerce.

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