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SEO tools available online

There are various SEO tools available online from keyword analyzer to full SEO reports all are available for free. It depends how you want to apply your strategy along the new age SEO tactics for websites. Keyword analyzer searching for the trending paraphrase or a focus keyword. SEO report includes a keyword density check, cloud of tags in your website, html headings tags, Ranking along Alexa, Google, Bing, Indexing at Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yandex, Social Media sharing stats like Facebook Likes, Google+ shares, Tweets at Twitter, StumbleUpon Shares, Pinterest Pins.

More like Google Authorship if it’s author at google verified, corrected Meta Descriptions, Meta Tags, Backlinks inbound and outbound, Domain Authority, Domain Ranking, Open Directory Listing, Domain Age, Google Page Rank(now days its normally not updated: Google).

So what you need to generally start with is to trending in the world according what your website/websites is about. Then you need a SEO techniques to start a professional website in a technical manner so you keep a check around the world with SEO Tools.

SEO Tools sites that are giving these valuable things at free cost are

SeoLinkBuilding has given us 150+ SEO tools for flourishing SEO Link Building Mechanism
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SeoBook offers various tools for SEO they are

  • Keyword Suggestion Tool(Get Keyword suggestion and detailed statistics)
  • Keyword List Generator(Use this tool to compare keyword lists against each other)
  • Keyword List Cleaner(Clean up your keyword list)
  • txt Analyzer(Robots.txt tools)
  • Meta Tag Generator
  • Server Header Checker
  • Link Suggestion Tool
  • Spider Test Tool (View like your search engine)
  • Keyword Density Analyzer
  • Page Comparison Tool
  • AdGroup Generator
  • Keyword Wrapper
  • Typo Generator

SmallSeoTools offers 100% free seo tools they are:

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Article Rewriter
  • Keyword Position
  • Online Ping Website Tool
  • Backlink Checker
  • Link Tracker
  • BackLink Maker
  • Google PageRank Checker
  • Reverse ip Domain Check
  • Check Server Status
  • Word Count Checker
  • Spell Checker
  • Class C ip Checker
  • What is My ip
  • Domain Age Checker
  • Website Page Speed Checker
  • Website Page Size Checker
  • Code to Text Ratio Checker
  • Website Links Count
  • Websites Broken Link Checker
  • Meta tags Analyzer
  • Website Page Snooper
  • Ip Location
  • Alexa Rank Comparison
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Page Comparison
  • Spider Simulator
  • Comparison Search
  • Visitor Hit Counter
  • Xml Sitemap Generator
  • Domain Authority Checker
  • Google Cache Checker
  • Whois Checker
  • Moxrank Checker
  • Page Authority Checker
  • Google Index Checker
  • Alexa Rank Checker
  • Domain Ip Lookup
  • Redirect Checker
  • Similar Page Checker
  • Link Price Calculator
  • Reciprocal Link Checker
  • Cloaking Checker
  • Keywords Suggestion Tool
  • Website Keywords Suggestion Tool
  • Url Rewriting Tool
  • Keywords Rich Domains Suggestions Tool
  • Domain Hosting Checker
  • Online Md5 Generator
  • Website Link Analyser
  • Google Malware Checker
  • Screen Resolution Simulator
  • Online Url Encoder Decoder
  • Find Facebook id
  • Password Encryption Utility
  • Password Strength Checker
  • Adsense Calculator
  • Grammar Checker


Webconf tools offers

  • Similar Page Checker
  • Search Engine Spider Simulator
  • Backlink Anchor Text Analysis
  • Backlink Builder
  • Backlink Summary
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Redirect Check
  • Link Price Calculator
  • Reciprocal Link Check
  • Cloaking Checker
  • Domain Age Tool
  • Keyword Suggestions Tool
  • Website Keyword Suggestions
  • URL Rewriting Tool
  • Keyword-Rich Domain Suggestion Tool
  • Alexa Rank Checker
  • Backlink Tracker Pro


SeoToolSet has minimal set of free tools they are

  • Keyword Suggestion tool
  • Search Engine Optimization/KSP tool
  • Top-Ranked Websites by Keyword tool
  • Single Page Analyzer
  • SEO Multi-Page Information tool
  • Domain Indexing Report
  • Check Server Page tool
  • Link Analysis Report
  • Pages Indexed and Inbound Links Report
  • SEO Cloaking Checker


SubmitExpress has vast variety of seo tools they are



Seochat offers tools

  • Google Backlink Checker Tool for Penguin & Disavow Analysis
  • Get URLs from search results Greasemonkey script
  • Website Crawler and XML Sitemap Generator
  • External Link Crawler and Title Tag Extractor Tool
  • Compare Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Blekko Rankings
  • Smart URL List Cleaner Tool
  • Link / Header Response Bulk Checker
  • On-Page SEO Optimization Analysis Tool
  • Page Comparison
  • Google Keyword Suggest Tool
  • Internal Page Crawl
  • Last Modified Date
  • Title Tag and Meta Description Data for Multiple URLs (free tool)
  • Suggestion Keyword Finder
  • Advanced Robots TXT Generator
  • Free XML Sitemap Validator
  • Keyword Combination Tool
  • Page Keyword Density Analysis
  • Keyword Cloud Tool
  • Page Image and Link Analysis Tool
  • Internal/External Link Analyzer
  • C Class IP Checker
  • Search Engine Spider Simulator
  • Page Speed
  • Indexed pages
  • Advanced Meta Tags Generator
  • Meta Tag Analyzer
  • Advanced Meta Tag Generator & Google Search Results Preview
  • Web Page SEO Analysis Tool
  • Keyword Density with Options
  • Author Backlink Crawler
  • Check Your Youtube Reputation Tool
  • Social Media Tool + Authorship
  • Edit Images for Facebook, Google +, and Twitter Tool
  • Social Activity Tool
  • Check your Facebook Privacy Setting
  • Find Your Facebook ID
  • org in-Depth Article Code Generator
  • People Rich Snippets Schema Generator
  • Review Rich Snippets Schema Generator
  • Event Rich Snippet Schema Generator
  • Product Rich Snippet Schema Generator
  • Brand (Organization) Rich Snippet Schema Generator
  • Movie Rich Snippet Schema Generator
  • Book Rich Snippet Schema Generator
  • Video Schema Generator
  • Google Adsense Calculator
  • CPC ROI Calculator
  • CPM Advertising ROI Calculator
  • Google AdSense Preview
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Typo Generator
  • txt Validator
  • Whois Domain Look Up
  • HTTP Header Response Status Codes Check Tool
  • Domain Age Checker
  • DNS Lookup Tool
  • Whats My Browser Size Tool
  • Browser Settings
  • Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker
  • htaccess Generator
  • Whats My IP
  • IP Address Converter
  • Ping Test
  • Base64 Encoding Decoding
  • Domain Name Typo Generator
  • HTML Source Code Viewer
  • Code to Text Ratio
  • Free HTML Validator Tool
  • URL Rewriting
  • URL Encoding
  • Website Pattern Extractor
  • Fetch HTML content
  • Webpage Size Lookup
  • Dig Utility
  • Regular Expression Pattern Extractor
  • Regular Expression Match
  • Datetime Format Converter
  • Analyze HTTP Header Tool
  • Favicon Generator
  • HTML to PHP Converter
  • CSS Coder
  • HTML Code Cleaner
  • HTML Encoder
  • HTML Entities Encode Decode
  • Floating Layer
  • Internet Explorer Scrollbar Color
  • DHTML Tooltip Creator
  • PopUp window generator
  • Web Safe Colors
  • Advanced Syntax Highlighting
  • Create 1 list from Several Lists
  • Hide Your Email
  • What Does My Phone Number Spell?
  • Words Counter
  • Password Generator
  • Password Strength Checker
  • Password Encryption Utility
  • Online spell checker

Lunametics has updated their list of 15 best free tools in 2015 here is a link.

Moz has done article with 100 free seo though Moz always love to use premium tools but they have given their readers 100 best free tools

If you are looking for the marketing here there is the best marketing tools available online too they are introduced by marketing ninja

Marketing along a digital world if you are reader then you have once found kissmetrics a very unique SEO startergy used for the new trends in the seo they also given us 6 profitable seo tools both free and freemium

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